DRT: 43.593/SP

AWEIZ is Alcione Anastácia Weizmann, a Brazilian actress and voice over talent graduated at Celia Helena Acting School in São Paulo – BR and Oakton Community College in Chicago – US, she also took a Master of Ceremonies course at Senac-SP. Alcione is a multidisciplinary professional, that brings innovative perspectives at her work from the feedbacks she has from all her activities.

Besides being an actress and voice over artist, Alcione also works as a TV presenter and master of ceremonies in social, corporate, children and sports events, working in Brazil and abroad.

national and international events
a multidisciplinary professional

On TV, she acted in series like Surtadas no Yoga (Freaking out in Yoga)  broadcasted on GNT channel and she acted  and did voice over in many commercials for leadership companies. She also did voice over for storytelling in audiobooks for children and teenagers. In film, she played the Princess Isabel in the feature Luz & Sombra and acted in many short movies.

In Events, the actress presented many of national and international events for 5.000, 18.000 and 32.000 people, with a public of childlike, sports events and in exclusive events for hospitals and medical institutions.

In the Theater, the actress has performed in eight plays. The main one, was the comedy “Ten things I love about you”, which was shown for two seasons at the Theater Viradalata and at the Theater UMC, two great theaters of São Paulo.

As a TV presenter, she worked on international projects at EstoTV, a WebTV, co-presenting an interview program. In addition, she worked at Eduk, which is a digital platform for online courses. Both projects were broadcast in Spanish and Portuguese language. She also worked as a TV presenter in some corporate TVs in Brazil.

Clients: Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, GNT, EstoTV, Eduk, Hicon, Vivo, Avon, Vigor, Penalty, Iguana Sports, Fundação Laço Rosa, ESMP, Amend, Dailus, Tereos, CCR AutoBan, Just, Casacor, Volkswagen, Phoenix Healthcare LLC, Molbio Diagnostics, Dana Products, among others.