cultivating the art of humanity



MC of the Worldwide Day of Play Nickelodeon , an event for 32.000 people



playing Princess Isabel in the feature film Luz & Sombra



playing Carol in the play 10 Coisas que eu amo em você

The Artist

AWEIZ is Alcione Weizmann, an artist who transforms reality

cultivating the art of humanity


connecting your business to your audience

voice over artist

feeling words

dubbing actress

rhythm, intonation and pause in any language

master of ceremonies

giving voice and personality to your event


“Every director desires to work with an actress that has so many technique quality, professionalism and passion as Alcione Weizmann. Besides all this qualities, she has a rare charisma, with absolute connection with the humanity of the audience. She dominates listening with mastery and uses that in favor of the character she creates. Excellent storyteller and with a very accurate comedy timing. I have only one fear to recommend a talent like that: she will not find any more time on her agenda for my projects”

Antonio VanfillActing teacher at AIC (International Film Academy), actor, director and researcher in comedy. Antonio directed Alcione in the comedy 10 things I love about you.

“I had Alcione as Master of Ceremonies at two Nickelodeon events. The Worldwide Day of Play, with 32 thousand people and the Encounter of Paws, with 18 thousand people.
From the beginning, she was very professional and helpful.
She did her best in rehearsals, got in tune with all the team and commanded the stage with great professionalism, authenticity and naturalness.
I highly recommend Alcione.”

Bruna CasimiroMarketing Analist at Viacom Brasil.

“I had the pleasure of working with Alcione in a campaign for the financial sector. Despite a challenging briefing and long hours of shooting, Alcione consistently showed her talent and professionalism. We were very happy with the result and hope to work with Alcione again soon!”

Jorge PapaAccount Director at the Advertising Agency Wieden + Kennedy

“Alcione is an actress and voice over very committed, talented, very partner and agile in productions we worked together. Always willing to help, she makes the difference in the realization and delivery of new projects.”

Henrique TanjiMusical Director at Ritmika Audio Arts.

“Working with Anastácia it was a great experience!
Her performance at the photo shooting was amazing, concerning her skills on dancing and interpreting a character. It ended up a beautiful and delicate story for a breast cancer.”

Debby GramPhotographer

“Alcione has a natural flair for engaging with people and engaging she does in a very confident manner, putting the other person in the center of everything that she does and overall makes the person extremely comfortable.
Alcione goes beyond the confines of her job description and ensures that her team is happy and therefore performing well.
She is modest but with a very sharp mind to grasp unchartered territories and ensures that she and her team gives their best, each time, every time.”

Sumit MitraHead of MDx Business at Molbio.

“I met Alcione in 2011, while she took part in a Cultural Exchange Program, in Chicago IL. As her coordinator, I got to know her well and I quickly learned that behind her sweet voice and girly smile, there was a strong girl, who was always capable to overcome obstacles with maturity. After studying in the US for a year, traveling and making friends from all over the world, Alcione returned to Brazil. I knew that, given her amazing work ethics, she would be successful in her future endeavors! I have been following her personal life and career through social media ever since, and I´m really happy to see how much she has achieved. I have no doubt that the future still holds much more successes for this talented, hardworking young lady!”

Jana PejsachLocal Coordinator at Cultural Care.


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